Special Education Manual

  1.1 CEC Phone List
  1.1a Student Services Phone List
  1.2 Beginning of Year To Do List
  1.3 HELP!!
  1.4 Student Folders
  1.5 Record of Access
  1.6 Meeting Manager
  1.7 Helpful Links
  1.8 Georgia DOE Overview of IEP and TSP
  1.14 Class Size and Caseload Chart

Individual Education Program (IEP)
  2.0 Meeting Agenda
  2.1 IEP Verification Process
  2.2PDF IEP Verification Checklist (DPF)
  2.2L IEP Verification Checklist (Lead)
  2.2T IEP Verification Checklist (Teacher)
  2.3a Parent Input Letter
  2.3b Sample of DOE Parent Survey (DO NOT COPY)
  2.4 Notice of Meeting Procedures
  2.6 Legal Steps for Notice Flow Chart
  2.7 Communication Log Example
  2.8 Parents Rights
  2.9 IEP Example 1
  2.10 IEP Example 2
  2.11 IEP Example 3
  2.19 Parent Consent for Excusal from Meeting
  2.20 IEP Amendments
  2.21 Individual Service Plans
  2.22 Assistive Technology Instructions
  2.22a Assistive Technology Device Home Use Agreement Form
  2.24 Student Assistive Technology Evaluation Referral
  2.26 Parent Permission Student Consultation (AT)
  2.27 Teacher Consultation Request (AT)
  2.28a Student Consultation Request (AT)
  2.29 Short-Term Equipment Loan Request (AT)
  Extended School Year (ESY)
  2.30 ESY Instructions
  2.31 Evidence Documentation List
  2.33 Transition Service Manual
  Summary of Performance
  2.40 Summary of Performance Instructions
  2.43 Summary of Performance Model
  Student Behavior
  2.48 Georgia DOE Discipline Procedures
  2.52a Seclusion and Restraint
  2.52d WCS Use of Physical Restraint Incident Report 
  2.52e WCS Physical Restraint Monthly Summary Report 
  2.53 Student Behavior Instructions
  2.53a Understanding the Behavior Intervention Process
  2.53b Functional Behavioral Assessment Writing Guide
  2.53c Functional Behavioral Assessment Example 
  2.53d Behavioral Intervention Plan Writing Guide 
  2.53e Behavioral Intervention Plan Example
  2.54 Request for Behavior Support 
  Student Transfers (In/Out)
  2.56 Out-of-District IEP Transfers Flow Chart 
  2.57 Out-of-District IEP Transfers Checklist 
  2.57a In-District IEP Transfer Procedures 
  2.58 Authorization to Release Information 
  2.59 Transfer of Files Procedures  
  2.60 School-to-School Transfer of Folders sign-off form 
  2.61 Speech Primary Transfers 

Student Assessment/Progress
  3.1 Testing Accommodations Instructions
  3.1a-d GADOE Approved Testing Accommodations for SWD 
  3.2 GAA Guidelines 
  Student Progress
  3.3 Progress Monitoring Requirements 
  3.4 Progress Monitoring Data Collection Template (example) 
  3.5 Progress Report Instructions 

Special Education Services
  4.1 Services and Support Considerations 
  4.1a Adaptive PE PPT 
  4.2 Least Restrictive Environment 
  4.2a Service Option Descriptions (Services Page of the IEP) 
  4.2b Homebound Packet 
  4.2c Homebased Packet 
  4.2d When to Begin Serving a Student in Special Education 
  4.3 Referral Process for Northwest Georgia Educational Program (NGEP) 
  4.4 NGEP Referral Form 
  4.5a-d CBE/CBVI Guidelines 2012-2013 
  4.6 Parental Permission for CBE/CBVI 
  4.7 CBE/CBVI Parental Permission Field Trip Form 
  4.8 Individual Health Care & Individual Evacuation Plan Instructions 
  4.9 Individual Health Care & Individual Evacuation Plan Forms 
  4.12 Procedures for Recommending a 1:1 Parapro 
  4.13 Paraprofessional Needs Analysis 
  4.18 Special Transportation Instructions 
  4.19 Special Transportation Form 
  4.20 Special Transportation Guidance for CBE/CBVI 

  5.1 Reevaluation Process 
  5.2 Basic Reevaluation Process 
  5.2b Reevaluation Packet Request 
  5.2c Referral for Reevaluation Form 
  5.2d Reevaluation Recommendation Letter 
  5.2e Yellow Form Procedures Parent Consent for Additional Assessment 
  5.2f  When Do I Need Parent Consent? 
  5.3 Analyzed Work Sample Form 
  5.3a Reevaluation Conference Procedures for Speech Secondary Students 
  5.3c Reevaluation Conference Procedures for Speech Primary Students 
  5.3g Dismissal of Speech Secondary Students 
  Initial Referral/Initial IEP
  5.4 Initial Referral Process 
  5.5 List of Assessment Instruments 
  5.7 Eligibility Report: Quick Reference Guide 
  5.8a Preschool Entrance and Exit Data 
  Exiting from Services
  5.9 Procedures for Exiting Students from Special Education Services 
  5.10 Revocation of Consent Procedures 
  5.10a Revoking Consent- SPED and Related Services Information 
  5.11 Revocation of Consent Form 
  5.12 Revocation of Consent PowerPoint 

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