Special Education Manual


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  1. Individual Education Program (IEP)

IEP.1 IEP Verification Process

IEP.2 IEP Verification Checklist

IEP.3 IEP Amendments

IEP.4 In-District Transfers

IEP.5 School-to-School Transfer of Files Form

IEP.6 Out-of-District Transfer Checklist

IEP.7 Individual Health Care and Individual Evac. Plan Instructions

IEP.8 Health and Evac. Plan Forms

IEP.9 Math Decision Making Rubric Procedures

IEP.10 Initial IEP Process

IEP.11 GA Special Needs Scholarship

IEP.12 Revocation of Consent

IEP.13 Release of SPED Information


  1. Tools (TOOL)

TOOL.1 Beginning of the Year To-Do List

TOOL.2 Student Folders

TOOL.3 State Audit Checklist

TOOL.4 Record of Access

TOOL.5 Testing Accommodations Instructions

TOOL.6 GA DOE Testing Accommodations

TOOL.7 Caseload Regulations

TOOL.8 Maximum Class Size Resolution

TOOL.9 Meeting Manager

TOOL.10 Acronyms

TOOL.11 Before-During-After Meeting Process

TOOL.12 Agenda Tool and Reminders

TOOL.13 Parent Input Letter

TOOL.14 Summarizing the Psych. Template

TOOL.15 Developing the Impact Statement

TOOL.16 Autism Impact Grid

TOOL.17 Blind/Vision Impaired Impact Grid

TOOL.18 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Impact Grid

TOOL.19 EBD Impact Grid

TOOL.20 Intellectual Disability Impact Grid

TOOL.21 Orthopedic Impairment Impact Grid

TOOL.22 Other Health Impairment Impact Grid

TOOL.23 SDD Impact Grid

TOOL.24 Specific Learning Disability Impact Grid

TOOL.25 Speech/Language Impact Grid

TOOL.26 TBI Impact Grid

TOOL.27 Participation with Peers Instructions

TOOL.28 Math Deficit and Criteria Chart

TOOL.29 Reading Comprehension Deficit and Criteria Chart

TOOL.30 Reading Fluency Deficit and Criteria Chart

TOOL.31 Written Expression Deficit and Criteria Chart


  1. TSP/SOP (TSP)

TSP.1a TSP Writing Guide

TSP.1b TSP Compliance Checklist

TSP.2a TSP IEP Notebook Tab

TSP.2b Notice of Meeting Example

TSP.3   Assessments

TSP.4   CBE/CBVI TSP Assessments

TSP.5 TSP Employment Goal Bank

TSP.6   Education Goal Bank

TSP.7   CBE/CBVI Employment Goal Bank

TSP.8   CBE/CBVI Education Goal Bank

TSP.9   CBE/CBVI Independent Living/Behavior Goal Bank

TSP.10 Career Pathways

TSP.11 Age of Majority/Rights Notice

TSP.12 Vocational Rehabilitation

TSP.13 Medicaid Waiver

TSP.14 Outside Agency Information

TSP.15 Summary of Performance


  1. Progress Monitoring (PM)

PM.1 Progress Monitoring Requirements

PM.2 How To Complete a SEMS Progress Report


  1. Behavior (B)

B.1 Student Behavior Instructions

B.2 BIP Options

B.3 FBA/BIP Process

B.4 Parental Consent for FBA

B.5 Student Interview Form

B.6 Parent Interview Form

B.7 Problem Behavior Questionnaire

B.8 Motivation Assessment Scale

B.9 Example FBA

B.10 Example BIP

B.11 GADOE Seclusion and Restraint

B.12 Restraint Incident Report Form


  1. Homebound/Homebased (HB)

HB.1 Homebound Packet

HB.2 Homebased Packet

HB.3 Homebased Reintegration Plan


  1. Services (SER)

SER.1 When to Serve

SER.2 Service Option Descriptions

SER.3 Adaptive PE

SER.4 Procedures for Recommending a Paraprofessional

SER.5 Request for Paraprofessional Support Form

SER.6 Special Transportation Instructions

SER.7 Special Transportation Form


  1. CBE/CBVI (CB)

CB.1 CBE/CBVI Guidelines

CB.2 Parental Permission Guidelines

CB.3 Parental Permission Form

CB.4 CBE/CBVI Expense Rationale

CB.5 Special Transportation Guidance for CBE/CBVI

CB.6 GAA Guidelines


  1. Pre-K (PK)

PK.1 Preschool Entrance/Exit Data

PK.2 Preschool Outcome Data Summary

PK.3 Proportionate Share Flowchart


  1. Speech (SP)

SP.1 Speech Regulations

SP.2 Speech Secondary Folders

SP.3 Eligibility Components

SP.4 Speech Evaluation Template

SP.5 Reevaluation for Speech Secondary

SP.5a Reevaluation for Speech Primary

SP.6 Speech Transfers

SP.6a Speech Checklist

SP.6b In-State Transfer Form

SP.6c Out-of-State Transfer Form

SP.7 Paddynet Training

SP.7a Medicaid Parent Consent Letter

SP.7b Medicaid Consent English

SP.7c Medicaid Consent Spanish

SP.7d Medicaid Parent Update Information

SP.8 FTE Scheduling Speech

SP.8a PowerSchool Data Entry Form

SP.9 Proportionate Share Flowchart

SP.10 Speech Aide Job Description

SP.11 Speech Secondary Dismissal


  1. Eligibility/Redetermination (ELG)

ELG.1 Initial Eligibility Special Circumstances

ELG.2 Reevaluation Process

ELG.3 Reevaluation Packet Request Process

ELG.4 Dismissal from SPED Procedures

ELG.5 Dismissal from Speech Secondary Procedures



  1. Assistive Technology (AT)

AT.1 Assistive Technology Procedures

AT.2 AT Consideration Process Guide

AT.3 AT Resource Guide

AT.4 AT Home Use Agreement


  1. Extended School Year (ESY)

ESY.1 Extended School Year Instructions

ESY.2 ESY Documentation