Intentional Wellness Resources FY’20

Trauma-Informed Strategies

Appreciation, Apology, Aha-60 second strategy

5 Mindfulness Practices to Bring to your Classroom

Mindfulness K-2nd Grade

Managing Anxiety

Mindfulness for Teachers

The Evolution of a Trauma-Informed School

Voices from Georgia’s Children-Suicide Prevention

Grounding Technique for anxiety/trauma triggers/or unwanted emotions or thoughts

Brain Gym Activities

Nine Simple Trauma-informed Gestures for Educators

Why Music Helps Enhance Learning (in any classroom)

Lori Carmack-Brain Gym Strategies

Cory Lowe-Community Circles

Dialogue Circles and Positive Classroom Culture

Building Community with Restorative Circles

Restorative Justice in Schools

Using Dialogue Circles

Tricia Jackson-Food Insecurity

Walker County Resource Directory

Self-Care Strategies

Megan Hulse-Chattanooga Valley E.S.

Donna Burnett-Rossville E.S.

Derek Parker-Saddle Ridge Elem/Middle

Lori Purple-Naomi E.S.

Viki Scarborough-Rock Spring E.S.

Brittany Hall-George Rossville Middle 

Megan Huggins-Gilbert E.S.

Ashlee Hubbard-Heitz Ridgeland 

Anna Horne-Cherokee Ridge ES

Rebecca Brewster-North LaFayette ES

Duane Brooks-LaFayette HS

Troy Green-Fairyland ES

Bobbi Strickland-Stone Creek ES

Lauren Bruning-Chattanooga Valley MS

Hannah Sosebee-LaFayette MS

Elementary Cross Country

Additional Resources

NAMI Resources

Intentional Wellness Video

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do-Amy Morin

Starting the Day with a Calming Routine

Compassion Curiosity

FREE Calm App

American Heart Association-August

Voices for Georgia’s Children

Four Pathways of Access

Chickamauga National Military Park-FREE Intentional Wellness

What to do if you think a co-worker is depressed

September-Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Kevin Hines Resources and Training

The Brighter Brain Bulletin-Dr. Eric Jensen

Laughter is the Best Medicine-Cat Herders

TrustED K-12 Insights

GaDOE Georgia Student Wellness-September 

American Cancer Society-October News You Can Use

Georgia Student Wellness Newsletter Nov. 2019

GaDOE Georgia Student Wellness Nov. 2019

Mindfulness Options

SEL Playbook

Santa and Sparky Holiday Fire Safety PSA

Kindness Week Resources

16 ways to practice Self-Care that costs next to nothing

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